December 5, 2019

Product Data Optimization – Submit the Correct EAN Number to Your Product Feed.

The quality of your product data, including your EAN numbers, has an impact on the effectiveness of your ads on the sales channel. Therefore, it is crucial to focus on providing the most accurate product data on your webshop, which avecdo will fetch.

Accurate EAN Numbers and Product Data in avecdo can Lead to a Much Better Placement and Lower Cost on Desired Channels.

Especially product data like the item’s unique product ID (often called an EAN number) is highly relevant for increasing the efficiency of your ads. The Product ID is used by sales channels to understand, validate, and classify the products, impacting the product display on the channel.

There are three different unique product IDs:

1. GTIN values, including EAN numbers, UPC, JAN, ISBN.
2. Brand name.
3. Product’s item number, abbreviated as MPN.

If your product has a GTIN value, such as an EAN number, it’s important to submit it in your product feed. Failure to submit the GTIN value may result in the product being rejected by the sales channel.

What is an EAN Number, and Where do I Find It?

An EAN number is a type of unique product identifier that helps define each individual product you sell. It is crucial for how the sales channel validates and understands your product. If the sales channel understands your product, it will receive better visibility on the sales channel.

EAN consists of both a barcode and numerical values.

The EAN number itself is typically a 13-digit barcode associated with a specific commercial product. You can often find the 13-digit barcode printed on the packaging of the commercial product. Your business can purchase EAN numbers from, for example,

The numbers beneath the barcode constitute the product’s EAN number, identifying the uniqueness of the product. The uniqueness of the product is crucial, as it helps classify products and assists sales channels in understanding your product, ensuring it is displayed on the channel. Therefore, it is important for the placement of your products on the channel.

Why is it Important to Submit the Correct EAN Number in Your Product Feed?

Improved Advertising

You will achieve better advertising with a correct EAN number. Your ads will be prioritized on the sales channel, i.e., better advertising, as the EAN number is crucial for how the sales channel validates and understands your product. By adding a correct EAN number or product ID, it will enhance and increase the efficiency of your ads, as the sales channel better comprehends your product. Therefore, your products will be presented on the sales channel much more accurately and in a more relevant manner, appearing in more places.

Easier to Find

By providing the EAN numbers for your products, they become much easier to find. Consequently, your products will be a better match for customers’ search queries, as sales channels aim to ensure that consumers see the right products they are looking for.

NOTE! On Google Shopping, it is now a requirement to use EAN numbers, as it reduces errors. Google recognizes that using the product’s unique ID number ensures that consumers find exactly what they are looking for.

My Product Doesn't Have an EAN Number?

In some cases, a product may not have an EAN number, but it will usually have another unique product ID. This could be another GTIN value, brand, or manufacturer’s part number.

GTIN Value

There are several types of GTIN values. They vary depending on the product type and the country where the products are sold.

  • EAN: Primarily used in Europe and typically consists of a 13-digit number along with a barcode.
  • UPC: Primarily used in North America and typically consists of a 12-digit number along with a barcode.
  • JAN: Primarily used in Japan and typically consists of an 8- or 13-digit number along with a barcode.
  • ISBN number: Refers to books, used globally, and typically consists of a 13-digit number along with a barcode on the back of the book.

If the product has not been assigned a GTIN value, for example, if it is a private-label product, a custom-made product, and/or a spare part, it is recommended to use the Brand and the Manufacturer’s part number to identify your products. This can help ensure that your product is not rejected on the sales channel.


Brand is your product’s brand and will appear on the product’s label or packaging.

Brand: Used globally. For example, “SalonUlla” or “Jyskegulerodskage.”

Manufacturer's Part Number

Manufacturer’s part number, abbreviated as MPN, identifies a product for a manufacturer.

MPN: Used globally and consists of alphanumeric characters. It can vary in terms of the characters used. For example, “SU1234567.”

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You can use a barcode scanner connected to your PC. This will undoubtedly make it easier for you instead of manually entering all your product EAN numbers on your webshop.

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