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General avecdo

A Paid feature is a function that can only be used if you pay for an item with avecdo. If you need a paid feature but are not a paying user because you only have a free channel, you can quickly become a paying user by installing channel number two.

It’s as simple as it sounds – the first channel you choose to install is currently free when you have an avecdo service subscription – which means you can have a paid account and still use avecdo for free on a single channel. Any limitations include, for example, that you can only update your data from your shop once a day.

Our goal is to ensure everyone is satisfied, which is why we offer refunds to anyone who requests it. Therefore, anyone can get a refund for a purchase in avecdo if they have not used the purchased service and request a refund within 72 hours of the purchase.


The easiest way is to go to the Shop overview page and click “Fetch Shop.” This will make our system access your webshop and retrieve all product and category data, then insert the data. Please note that you can also set how often the data should be fetched here and see how long it took to fetch your data last time if you are a paying customer with avecdo.

If you have corrected a product or a category on your webshop, there is not an automatic synchronization with avecdo and your channels at the very second. It happens one to several times a day, depending on settings in avecdo and also on the channel itself.

If you are a paying user in avecdo, you can set the system to fetch data from your webshop every six hours. You can also manually go to your shop overview and fetch data in avecdo from your shop. This can be done every half hour. Your channels’ ‘data feeds’ are automatically built when new data with changes are fetched.

The easiest way to update data is to go to the Shop overview page and click ‘download data’