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Update Frequency – Fetch Shop Data / Force Update / Rebuild Feed / Fetch Data Into the Channel – for example, Google Shopping.

Update Frequency We automatically update data on accounts with only one channel every 24 hours. If you are a paying customer, it happens every 6 hours automatically. Fetch Shop Manually / Force Update However, you can FORCE update data inside avecdo by going to https://v2.avecdo.com/shop/settings and clicking FETCH SHOP. The above can only be done…

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Set the Correct Prices in Your Online Store.

The perfect prices in your shop There are quite simple ways to ensure a bit more turnover in your store. I’ve tried to outline some tips for you here. Ditch the Numbers In most webshops, many still choose to display prices like 199.95 DKK instead of opting for the shorter models, such as 200 DKK…

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Which Sales Channels Should Your Online Store Be On?

Are you still uncertain about what avecdo is and what it can do for you? Whether you’re just starting out on one or more channels, here’s an overview of where, as a shop owner, you might consider advertising your products. avecdo simplifies the connection between your online store and the sales channels you want to…

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Current Online Marketplaces

Marketplaces Have Always Been a Gathering Place Throughout most of human history, marketplaces have been the gathering place for all traders who had goods to bring to market. It has been a space where one could easily (for the right price) sell their goods to other traders. It’s a meeting point for like-minded individuals, people…

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Shop Owner: How to Sleep Better at Night as Amazon Takes Over Denmark

One of the significant threats to Danish online stores is the global expansion of Amazon. Recent rumors suggest that it won’t be long before Scandinavia is on their radar. Amazon’s latest financial report revealed a staggering revenue of $136 billion. This amount surpasses the entire Danish national debt and is equivalent to the combined revenue…

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What are Product Feeds and Why are They Important to Online Stores?

If you run an online store, you have probably heard the following expressions: “Product feed management”, “Product feed optimization” or “Product feed Customization”. There is a reason for that. The quality and structure of your online store’s product feed determines whether your products appear in the best way possible. This concerns the right information, when…

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