March 15, 2018

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We Aim to Safeguard Your Data from Potential Leaks!

We acknowledge that you have content (such as titles and descriptions) on your products that you ONLY want to be readable by those you send it to. So far, we’ve used rather cryptic URLs for feeds, like facebook-catalog_UEKkNmjpY1smQTbwl4Irv2YzkDbtU6lP.xml. We’ll continue with that approach, but in addition, we’re implementing further changes! We firmly believe that YOUR…

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Set the Correct Prices in Your Online Store.

The perfect prices in your shop There are quite simple ways to ensure a bit more turnover in your store. I’ve tried to outline some tips for you here. Ditch the Numbers In most webshops, many still choose to display prices like 199.95 DKK instead of opting for the shorter models, such as 200 DKK…

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