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Top Seven Benefits of Marketing Yourself on Google Shopping

There are many benefits to marketing yourself on Google Shopping. Here is a list of the seven most important: Increased Visibility: Google Shopping allows businesses to display their products in search results when customers are searching for related items. Quality Traffic: Google Shopping can generate quality traffic to your online store, as customers are interested…

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Guide to Enter Product Attributes Such as Color and Size

This is a guide on how to enter product attributes such as color and size on WooCommerce, Shopify, Dandomain, Magento 1.x, and Golden Planet, respectively. After creating a product on your webshop, there may be different variants of the products in some cases. Variants may have different colors or sizes. It is important to name…

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Guide to Entering the Correct EAN Number

This is a guide on how to enter an EAN number on various platforms such as Woocommerce, Shopify, Dandomain, Magento 1.x, and Golden Planet. Each product has its own EAN number or GTIN value, and each variant of a product also has its own EAN number or GTIN value – this applies even if the…

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Update Frequency – Fetch Shop Data / Force Update / Rebuild Feed / Fetch Data Into the Channel – for example, Google Shopping.

Update Frequency We automatically update data on accounts with only one channel every 24 hours. If you are a paying customer, it happens every 6 hours automatically. Fetch Shop Manually / Force Update However, you can FORCE update data inside avecdo by going to https://v2.avecdo.com/shop/settings and clicking FETCH SHOP. The above can only be done…

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Woocommerce Brands is Now Supported for Product Feeds

External Plugin Support “Woocommerce Brands” in avecdo avecdo’s Woocommerce plugin – version 1.4.8 now supports WooCommerce Brands – for brands in product feeds, for example for Pricerunner, Miinto, Google Shopping etc. This is one of the most used plugins – developed by Woocommerce itself – so this is quite important. Thus, all shops with Woocommerce…

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Search and Replace in Product Feeds – Update June 25, 2019

avecdo.com – Update June 25, 2019 🥇 Search and Replace in Text Strings for Product Feeds. We have added a new text improvement option that allows you to search and replace texts in some or all of your product titles and descriptions across the respective product feeds. 👉 You can replace, for example, “socks” with…

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