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Cloudflare and avecdo – Whitelist Our IP Addresses.

Question From a User My shop uses Cloudflare – how do I get on avecdo? Answer How To Create a Whitelist in Cloudflare You need to go into Cloudflare and create a whitelist of our IP numbers, that way we can bypass Cloudflare and fetch data as intended. Source for this image is…. Support…

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Can’t You Fetch the Product Feed

Question From a User Can’t the product feed be downloaded for Facebook? Answer Yes – you just need to do the following: Copy the URL when you are logged into your avecdo, Then paste that URL into the address bar of your browser and let it load the feed.Then press Save As or CTRL+S And…

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Google Shopping – Should You Register Keywords?

Question From a User I have looked at your services – especially Google Shopping. According to the manual, it looks manageable – but do I not need to register keywords? Or how does it work? Answer No, you don’t need to do that right away – Broadly speaking: You upload a feed to Google Shopping…

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