Google Shopping – Should You Register Keywords?

Question From a User

I have looked at your services – especially Google Shopping.

According to the manual, it looks manageable – but do I not need to register keywords? Or how does it work?


No, you don’t need to do that right away –

Broadly speaking: You upload a feed to Google Shopping and connect Google Shopping with Google Ads (AdWords) – and then it displays products based on the searches made, for example, in the top of Google searches like this:

The product texts contain the words “Adidas Pants” – and therefore they are displayed (in pure SEO fashion).

Furthermore, you can go to the page on Google Shopping and see the Adidas pants available from different sellers.

This is also why you need to map your products into categories – to ensure that the correct items and EAN numbers are used for the right display.

Remember that “Content is king” in Google’s eyes – so it’s crucial that the product texts you have are descriptive of your product…

This means there should ideally be a description and a title for your product – and that the most commonly used search phrases should preferably be included in these texts.

I hope that was a sufficient answer 🏆

Tom Frank Christensen
Founder @


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