February 23, 2018

Which Sales Channels Should Your Online Store Be On?

Are you still uncertain about what avecdo is and what it can do for you? Whether you’re just starting out on one or more channels, here’s an overview of where, as a shop owner, you might consider advertising your products.

avecdo simplifies the connection between your online store and the sales channels you want to use. Currently, we offer around 14 different sales channels, with over 10 more in the pipeline.

But which sales channels should your online store be on? It’s something shop owners can easily become unsure about. There might be questions about the available options and what’s feasible depending on what you sell. You have the freedom to choose which and how many channels you want to be on.

When you use avecdo, you’re quickly set up to work with the sales channels and configure your ads. You have the flexibility to turn channels on and off as you wish – there’s no fixed commitment for, say, 3 or 12 months. You can opt for a month-to-month approach, purchasing (or using the free first channel) as needed.

The Jungle of Sales Channels

An overview of the sales channels has now been visualized in a model (as seen below) to provide a better understanding of the channels currently offered. It also helps to illustrate the specific areas in which different channels list and sell products.

For shop owners, this model makes it easy and clear to see where your products can be sold. There’s a significant variation in the types of products sold and which channels are suitable for them. However, there are some channels where you can sell virtually anything.

Many sales channels offer different functionalities, providing various options to work with. Additionally, it’s crucial to be mindful of what can be sold on each channel and whether there are any rules regarding the appearance of ads. Some channels have guidelines, such as restrictions on the amount of text in images, while others prohibit advertising for alcohol, tobacco, and adult toys. Moreover, there are several platforms where ad images must not have any pornographic content. You can find all the details in the overview below.

Keep An Eye On and Consider Utilizing Our Enhancements and Consultants.

We are constantly making improvements to individual channels. As a new feature, you can now create dynamic canvases for your Facebook images, optimizing your display. This image enhancement makes your ads more visible, allowing you to choose the expression and style.

Considering engaging a consulting firm might be a good idea to ensure you achieve the best ads and make the most of them. You might be unsure about how to utilize the channels effectively or simply lack the time to handle everything. Since avecdo doesn’t manage your marketing on the individual sales channels, it’s essential to consider whether you can and want to handle it yourself or if you should enlist the help of others. In almost all cases, having an affiliated consultant is a wise decision.

Channel Overview

In the overview, three colors have been utilized for a visual understanding. The green fields signify that you can use the respective channel with the listed category. The red fields represent channels where selling the category is not possible. For the yellow fields, there is an associated comment displayed on the right side.

An Example of Channel Selection

Let’s consider an example of an online shoe store. Virtually all channels or platforms are applicable when selling shoes. The only channel that isn’t practical for selling shoes is Compware.

All other channels can be utilized because shoes are a product that can be sold on major platforms like Facebook and Google Shopping, as well as more industry-specific ones, price comparison sites, and even unique platforms like Partner-ads. There are numerous possibilities.

Now that the two major channels, Facebook and Google, have been mentioned above, I’d like to add a comment about both. Beyond being regular sales channels, Facebook can be utilized for remarketing with the correct pixel setup and by leveraging Facebook’s options. Most shop owners are aware that Google is a valuable channel to be on, as many users employ Google as a search engine, making products easily discoverable through Google Shopping.

Continuing with the example of the shoe webshop, Trendsales should be mentioned because it’s an ideal channel for selling various types of clothing. Depending on the shoe brands you sell, Miinto could also be an option – the same applies to clothing.

On this channel, however, it’s a requirement to offer well-known brands. In general, I would always recommend a shoe seller to use all channels (excluding Compware) because each channel can contribute something different to your shop and the sales opportunities you have. For instance, Lagersalg is an excellent platform for your clearance items or items that may be harder to sell.

Even if you’re selling something entirely different from shoes, the same considerations apply because you can achieve increased turnover for each channel you use. It’s only Trendsales, Miinto, and Compware that are highly category-specific.

Feel free to check the channel list on www.avecdo.com to understand what each channel can do and what they are good for.

What is The Price Now?

When you opt to utilize avecdo and sales channels, you significantly enhance your product visibility, enabling increased sales. The pricing starts from €8 for one channel, depending on the number of products and projects you have. Your cost will increase for each additional channel linked to your avecdo account. Additionally, most channels may have associated fees. For more details, please refer to our pricing page

Tom Frank Christensen
Founder of avecdo

With a background as a developer since 1996, I have been involved in optimizing IT systems over the years. avecdo emerged as a response to our customers’ need for optimizations. I also own the company Modified Solutions, located in Viborg at the same address as avecdo πŸ™‚


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