We Aim to Safeguard Your Data from Potential Leaks!

We acknowledge that you have content (such as titles and descriptions) on your products that you ONLY want to be readable by those you send it to.

So far, we’ve used rather cryptic URLs for feeds, like facebook-catalog_UEKkNmjpY1smQTbwl4Irv2YzkDbtU6lP.xml. We’ll continue with that approach, but in addition, we’re implementing further changes!

We firmly believe that YOUR content is YOURS, and it should only be accessible to sources with the right permissions to read it.

We are now making an extra effort to ensure this!

Moving Forward, We Will be Undertaking the Following Actions

The respective channel will be the sole entity capable of reading the data intended for it from the individual files.

We are initiating this rollout initially on Google Shopping and Facebook feeds, as these channels are most commonly used by our users. Over time, additional channels and security features will be implemented on various platforms. Edited March 2019: This is now operational on all channels at avecdo. Your data security is our top priority!

This approach ensures that external sources cannot intercept or read your feeds, using the data for their own shops and systems, subsequently making automatic price adjustments and other actions that could impact your business, or even outright stealing product texts and titles.

The security of your product data is our paramount goal!

Data retrieval will be strictly limited to the respective channels. For instance, you can rest assured that only Google can access your Google Shopping feed, and Facebook can exclusively read data from your Facebook feed.

We're Implementing This Measure to Stay Ahead

Fortunately, we have NOT experienced any instances where customers have had their data “leaked.” However, it is crucial for us that you, as a customer, can trust us to securely store your product data.

Tom Frank Christensen

Change in Terms of Service (TOS)
Due to the above, the TOS will be updated on March 23, 2018, with information stating that we protect your feeds and data, ensuring they are only sent to the respective sales channels as intended.

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