February 5, 2018

Price Comparison Websites – PriceRunner, Kelkoo, etc.

If you have competitive prices on some or perhaps all of your products, including unique sought-after items, major brands, or any other offerings, it makes a lot of sense to leverage some (or all) of the various price comparison websites. There are several price comparison sites, including Kelkoo, PriceRunner, Google Shopping, and Compware – also known as price portals. These sites organize products based on the product’s price or the product’s price including shipping. Therefore, several of these sites actually expect you to have specified your shipping prices and, in most cases, your inventory status. avecdo can automatically retrieve this information from most webshops when it’s provided in the shop. These sites are visited daily by millions of consumers just looking for the right place to spend their money when shopping online without overpaying. Moreover, several of the price comparison sites are surprisingly well-indexed in search engines, resulting in a substantial amount of organic traffic.

The Largest Price Comparison Site in Denmark

In Denmark, almost everyone is familiar with PriceRunner (Read more about it here), and many of us even visit PriceRunner to use their search engine for product searches. Often, these searches are for specific products, but quite frequently, they are also generic searches like “Flat-screen TV”.

How To Get Listed on the Price Comparison Portal PriceRunner

The absolute easiest way to get listed on PriceRunner is through avecdo – start by connecting your online store to avecdo. Next, avecdo imports your product data, and you need to map at least one of your categories. After that, you can select the PriceRunner channel from within the system (done here). PriceRunner receives an email notification that you have opted for them, and they will get back to you within a few days. Once connected to this channel, PriceRunner handles the rest of the setup in collaboration with you. For more information on PriceRunner DK, please contact Peter Wulff Petersen at PeterWulff.Petersen@pricerunner.com or by phone at +45 2088 6181. PriceRunner itself has approximately 2.5 million visitors every month and five million visitors in December. You can either list on PriceRunner for free or pay per click – the cost starts from 1 DKK per click. It is definitely worthwhile to be on the site, regardless of the product sets you offer.

The advantage with avecdo is that you can choose down to each individual product whether it should be included in the feed for each sales channel.

When you become part of PriceRunner, you will also be featured on their retailer page http://www.pricerunner.dk/retailer and on individual product pages – for example, http://www.pricerunner.dk/cl/354/Sportstoej, as well as in searches (for example, a search for Adidas).”

There are Many Other Price Comparison Websites.

“Not many people think about it, but for example, Google Shopping, is actually a price comparison site. Here, you have all the options to sort by prices, and all results are actually sorted by price. You’ll also gain significantly by being listed on Google Shopping. You can easily set up Google Shopping here – and get on the site quickly. Furthermore, there’s Kelkoo – you can read more here. (Kelkoo is actually in over 28 countries worldwide) – which is somewhat similar to the previously mentioned PriceRunner. Kelkoo isn’t particularly well-known in Denmark, but visitors to DK often use Kelkoo.dk instead of PriceRunner. Their prices are (to enter the market) lower than PriceRunner’s, so it’s an easy win to use Kelkoo as well – install it from here. Compware is a price comparison site for computer equipment and IT in general. Here, you can compare hardware and software. Additionally, there’s EdbPriser.dk – which actually utilizes PriceRunner’s databases.”

What is a Price Comparison Site?

It’s almost in the name – they compare prices on delivered data. We know that avecdo ensures to deliver the data that YOU want to provide to each site. That means it doesn’t have to be ALL products, as delivering relatively irrelevant data is unnecessary. It is best suited for specific searches, such as for Adidas pants or very precise products. Remember that your shipping price can easily be included in each comparison site. You should also be aware that several price comparison sites may require you to use EAN / GTIN in your product feed. This actually makes sense, as it provides a unique identification option to confirm whether the sent product is indeed an ‘Adidas – Campus – Blue – US 5’ or just a counterfeit item.

My Personal Use of Price Portals / Price Comparison Sites

Last Thursday, I personally searched on both Google Shopping and PriceRunner for ‘biotherm homme roll on’ – and found the cheapest price. However, I didn’t make the purchase from the cheapest option, as it was an entirely unknown shop with somewhat dubious reviews on both Google and Trustpilot. This goes to show that being listed as number one doesn’t guarantee a sale. It might as well be a good idea to be number two or four on the list if you have a lot of positive reviews. Note: The shop I chose to buy from was listed on both Google Shopping and PriceRunner, which I see as a quality stamp in itself – a sign that the business chooses to be visible online. However, this perspective could be my own personal interpretation.

What Price Comparison Sites are There in Denmark?

At the time of writing, avecdo supports the following price comparison sites in Denmark: Kelkoo, PriceRunner, Google Shopping, and Compware. One could argue that both Miinto and Trendsales fall into this category as well, given that users can sort by price and similar criteria. I hope this provided you with some insights into what price comparison is all about.

Tom Frank Christensen


Founder of avecdo.com and also Modified Solutions. I have extensive experience in making various optimizations for businesses. Additionally, I have significant experience with various sales channels


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